About Us

A Lifetime of Creation

Embark on a transformative journey in Lucknow, where our program uplifts women artisans through comprehensive Chikan and Zari handicraft training. Going beyond skill development, this visionary project establishes a dedicated Production Center, creating economic opportunities while safeguarding the cultural heritage of Chikan and Zari craftsmanship. Join us in supporting this gentle yet impactful initiative that not only empowers artisans but also cherishes and sustains the artistic legacy of Chikan and Zari, adding a touch of tradition to contemporary endeavors.


Chikankari embroidery, an ageless artistry, celebrates the finesse and resilience of women. This intricate craft demands skill and precision, symbolizing the meticulous dedication that women invest in their work. Through Chikankari, women channel their creativity, transforming plain fabric into a tapestry of exquisite beauty. This traditional embroidery not only safeguards cultural heritage but also economically empowers women, fostering self-reliance and autonomy. Each stitch narrates a tale of tradition, elegance, and the enduring spirit of women. Chikankari embroidery serves as a living testament to the irreplaceable role women play in preserving art, culture, and the legacy of skilled craftsmanship.


Zari embroidery, a traditional craft steeped in history, reflects the resilience and artistry of women. Through meticulous needlework, women transform simple fabric into intricate tapestries, weaving stories of strength and beauty. This ancient art form empowers women by providing them with a creative outlet and a means of economic independence. Zari is a woman’s way to showcase her determination to preserve culture and heritage, showcasing the richness of her identity. Zari embroidery is not merely a craft; it is a testament to the invaluable contributions of women in shaping cultural narratives. By embracing and promoting this art, we celebrate the creativity and perseverance inherent in every woman’s journey.

Sambhav Social Service Organisation:

With over 35 years of working with people, Sambhav is committed to women’s empowerment, addressing violence against women, and promoting education & health. Focused on capacity building within communities, Sambhav prioritizes the organization of the most marginalized communities in urban and rural habitations.

Sambhav envisions sustained development and enhanced quality of life for vulnerable groups, women, and children. Grounded in years of experience, we aim to foster positive change through community organization and impactful capacity-building initiatives.

Pehel Foundation:

Since its inception, PNB Housing’s social responsibility ethos has been inscribed with the word ‘Saksham’. It denotes the Company’s endeavour to be an ‘enabler’ in the society’s larger goal of empowering lives.

Taking the commitment forward, the Pehel Foundation was established as a dedicated CSR arm. Through the Foundation, the Company aims to catalyse inclusive development at scale.

Our Team

Our dedicated team comprises passionate individuals committed to uplifting marginalized artisans. Together, we strive to empower these talented women, fostering a collaborative environment that celebrates cultural heritage through every intricately crafted Chikan and Zari masterpiece.